Introducing ECOPA

ECOPA is a brand new nonprofit with a long history of service in El Salvador. For a decade Adele Negro worked with a program of Middlebury Institute at Monterey, to help find solutions for the region's economic and environmental issues. In 2018 she decided to take the next step and create ECOPA, a new org to carry on and expand that work.

To launch ECOPA and recruit funders, Adele wanted a video that didn't just explain the work they were doing. She wanted to capture the real experience of the people they serve. Working with Adele and her team we came up with a plan to combine interviews with their Salvadoran partners with photos of the work they've been doing for years. We hopped on a plane with Adele and three cases of film equipment bound for El Salvador. Over three days we shot 15 interviews with ECOPA partners and friends and the community members served by their work. Back in the U.S. we handled the editing, post-production, and everything else necessary to create this video.

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