What kind of contract do you require?

This Kind

All work we do requires a contract. It keeps everyone honest, and importantly, it assigns you the rights to whatever we create. If you have a standard agreement you like to work with we're happy to start there and amend with the important bits from ours. Or we can use the agreement below. The most important parts and the ones we cannot budge on are:

  • Intellectual Property, we assign it to you upon completion of work, for all products considered final, see more on that here. Basically we just ask that you include the full text of section 8 in the template below.
  • Portfolio rights, because we like to show off the awesome work we're going to do for you
  • Arbitration, we won't do it
  • Non-competes, we won't do those either


For small projects (<$3,000), we typically don't ask for an advance, but just bill for the entire project amount upon completion of work. For bigger projects, our usual ask is half up front, half after the work is done. For really big projects, like film shoots where we have to hire actors and grips and best boys and such, we may also ask for their fees to be included in the upfront.

If you've done your homework, you know that we also offer deferred payment options for non-profits in need. Get info on all that here.

No matter what payment plan you're on there is one constant. Any invoice we submit will be payable net 15 (your check should be in the mail no more than 15 days after you receive our invoice). We are doing everything in our power to do the best work we can, for the smallest fee we can. A big part of that is timely payment, so please help us out.

Contract Boilerplate