Who owns the intellectual property?

You do!

At the end of any project, with a few caveats, we assign the full intellectual property rights to the completed product to you the client. This is conditional upon the completion of work and receipt of payment. That means you own the final work and can do whatever you want with it, reprint it, remix it, sell it to someone else, whatever your heart desires.

But what about those caveats? As part of our assignment of rights, we carve out and retain rights for the following items and uses.

  • Preliminary work. Anything we make for you that doesn't end up the final product, like drafts that got rejected, we own.
  • Design tools. If we come up with a new technique, or a new bit of code that we use to make the thing that we make for you, we own it.
  • Portfolio. We are allowed to show off the work we do for you on our website or in print portfolios. And we can also submit the the work to publications or industry organizations for recognition, awards, or publicity.

For more info on intellectual property, check out the full text of our standard contract here.