How does deferred payment work?

Pay us when you can

When we draw a logo or build a website, we're asking you to believe in the work. To believe that it's going to pay off in donations raised, or in advancing your mission. It's only right that we should be willing to believe in our work and in you the same way.

For organizations that need a little extra help, we're willing to work with you to come up with a deferred payment plan that allows you to pay us back months or even years after the work is completed. There's no hard rule about this. Payment schedules are based on how quickly you can afford to pay, and how long we can afford to wait. Typically we'll ask for some amount of payment upfront, some amount on completion of the work, and additional amounts to be paid out on a regular schedule after the project's completion.

For example, we recently completed a $10,000 video and website project for a non-profit just getting started. We worked with them to come up with a plan where they paid $2,500 when the work started, $2,500 when we finished, $2,500 six months after that, and $2,500 six months after that.

The one thing we absolutely don't want though is to create an unrealistic burden with this kind of repayment. That's why every plan starts with a conversation, where we get to know each other and try to come up with something that will work for your interests, not against them.