Why don't you offer discounts or pro-bono work?

We kind of do, it's just the same discount for everyone

The whole purpose of Creative for the People is to work with small nonprofits, the kind that have been excluded from the traditional big agency system. We want to do work that matters, that otherwise wouldn't get done, for people that need it. And we don't believe in sliding scale or pro-bono models the prioritize big money clients over the little guys.

Since we only work with non-profits, the non-profit rate is the everybody rate. $90 per hour. It's enough for us to get by, not to get rich. And hopefully it's low enough for you to get by too.

Keeping one flat rate for everyone also allows us to be radically transparent with our pricing. We publish our rate and example estimates for common projects for all to see. Check those out here. And it allows us to guarantee that we'll never prioritize one client over another, just because they have more money to spend.

We know that even at this rate, our services are still going to be out of reach of some folks, and we're always working to come up with creative solutions to make our services even more accessible. One of the ways we do that now is with deferred payment options. Get more info on that here.