What are the steps to design a logo?

Talk, Sketch, Revise, Package

First we talk

We'll want to meet with you, in person if possible, to talk through the details of your organization and your branding plans. We'll want to know your goals, and your audience, and your tone if you already have one. We'll work with you to develop a scope of work and a creative brief, documents that will guide the rest of the design process.

Next we sketch

Once we've agreed on the brief and the scope, we'll take off (usually for at least 2 weeks) and come up with some sketches for you to review. These won't be pencil drawings. They'll be vector images (usually full color) we deliver to you in a PDF, usually with a handful of photoshop mockups to show you how each option will look on your social media, or on your business card, or any other placement that's important to you.

Then we revise

After we present the first round of options, you can take some time, think them over, and let us know which ones you liked, which ones you didn't, and why. We'll take that information and create a new round of drafts. Based on the feedback these drafts could include edited or polished up versions of the first round, or entirely new options. We usually estimate two rounds of this kind of revision on a logo project, but we can repeat it as many times as needed to get it right. For more info on revisions, click here.

Finally we package

Once we've got a sketch that everyone likes, we'll polish it up and make sure it's pixel-perfect at small and large sizes. We'll create all the different versions you might need, full color, solid black, solid white, PNG, and EPS versions. If a style sheet or more detailed style guide is part of the project scope, we'll create that for you at this point too. We'll tie it all up with a bow and deliver it to you. If your project includes other products, like a website or print collateral (business cards, letterhead), we'll start working on that after we deliver the logo.