What are the steps to create a print product?

Talk, Draft, Revise, Package

First we talk

We'll want to meet with you, in person or with a call, to talk through your plans for this poster, or mailer, or report, or book cover, or whatever it is you want to create. We'll want to know the goals, and the audience, for the product, and the ideas you already have for how it should look. If there's copy to be written, we'll want the final version of that from you before we start on any drafts. We'll work with you to make a plan usually in the form of a scope of work, and we'll get a contract together too.

Next we create drafts

Once we've agreed on the plan and the paperwork is in order, we'll create a draft of the product for your review. This will typically be a very close to final version of the product, not a rough draft in any way, usually in a PDF format.

Then we revise

After we present the first draft, you can think it over, and let us know if you like it, if there are things about it that need to change, and why. We'll take that feedback and incorporate it into a new, revised draft. We can do this as many times as needed, but be advised, many rounds of revision can push projects over scope. For more info on revisions, click here.

Finally we package

Once we've got a draft that everyone likes, we'll finalize and package it up. We'll create all the different versions you might need like versions for sharing on the web, or versions for sending to the print shop. We'll package up the design files too (usually Adobe InDesign) and any images and font files used in the product, so you'll have the original of everything to keep forever. If you need help coordinating with the print shop, we're happy to help with that too.