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If you're a non-profit doing good work, you need a graphic identity that's working hard for you.

The first step is a well designed logo. It's the foundation of an effective graphic identity, and it's necessity if you want to be seen and remembered by funders, partners, and the populations you serve. For more established organizations, or those looking to build a robust presence right away, a full graphic identity is the next step. An identity may include everything from print collateral like business cards and letterhead, to the web and social media, to t-shirts and tv commercials. Keeping it all sharp and cohesive will ensure that you're recognized and remembered well no matter the medium.

We offer a variety of services including:

Scroll down for examples of our work and sample estimates you can use to plan your own projects.

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Cygnet Society Logo

The Cygnet Society creates a community and provides mentors for young writers who have been incarcerated.

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The Opportunity Institute

Great minds have come together to supercharge opportunity & access in America.

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California Competes Logo

California Competes develops research based solutions or California's education system to meet the need for 21st century skills in our workforce.

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SupplyBank.org Logo

Solid as a bank. Friendly enough for families. Meet the new look of SupplyBank.org.

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Menlo Spark Logo

Climate change is a global problem that needs local solutions & local solutions need great logos.

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Example Estimates

We charge $80 per hour. And while it’s true that every project is different, and we can’t say how many hours a logo or website will require until we know the details, we’ve put together example estimates to give you a clear and simple an idea of the costs involved right up front.

Description Hours Cost
Creative inquiry & market/design research 10 $900
Sketching logo drafts 10 $900
Selecting logo from drafts & revising based on client feedback 8 $720
Finalizing & packaging Logo & creating stylesheet 4 $360
Administrative / Project Management 3 $270
Total 35 $3,150
Description Hours Cost
Creative inquiry & market/design research 16 $1,440
Sketching logo drafts 10 $900
Selecting logo from drafts & revising based on client feedback 8 $720
Drafting business card design 4 $360
Drafting stationary & envelope design 4 $360
Drafting presentation deck template 4 $360
Revising collateral resources based on client feedback 6 $540
Finalizing & packaging files & creating detailed style guide 6 $540
Administrative & project management 6 $540
Total 64 $5,760